West Asheville Presbyterian Church

Contact us:

West Asheville Presbyterian Church                        Joan Martin, Church Secretary
690 Haywood Road                                                Phone: 828-258-0903
Asheville , NC , 28806-3260                                   Email: Joan@WestAshePres.org
Phone: 828-258-0903
Email: Info@WestAshePres.org

Rev. Kent L Smith, Pastor                                       Aaron Price, Director of Music
Phone: 828-258-0903                                             216-6584
Email: Kent@WestAshePres.org                          Email: Aaron@WestAshePres.org

Clerk of Session                                                    Connie Roberts, Preschool Director
Email: Clerk@WestAshePres.org                         Email: Connie@WestAshePres.org

Karen Hawkins: Bell Choir Director
                          Wilson and Dana Hawes: Youth group
683-9048                                                               sponsors: 772-5559

See "Groups and Organizations" for links to our Preschool; Pastoral Counselor; AYM

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