West Asheville Presbyterian Church
We now have hearing assistance devices in the Sanctuary

Worship Preview:  April24, 2016:  The Rev Ben Sloan will be preaching: "Remembering the past for the honor of God in the future"


Psalm 78:1-8
Deuteronomy 32:7
Psalm 72:28

Coming up: 
May 1: A centennial Sunday: The Rev Ben Sloan preaching; Jamie and Renae Brame providing special music; Fellowship Sunday -- A Spring themed (wear something yellow) gathering hosted by the PMO (Preschool) staff.  The meal will be a "Biscuit Bar"

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Pastor Kent's Schedule for April 24-May 1

Sunday, April 24: 10-12

Monday, April 25: 9-12

Tuesday, April 26: 8-2 (Presbytery)

Wednesday, April 27: 4-8 (CoH; Choir)

Thursday, April 28: (Tyler's surgery)

Saturday, April 30: CoH outing

Sunday, May 1: 10-2 (Fellowship Sunday)

Pastor Kent's Schedule for May 1-8

Sunday, May 1: 10-2 (Fellowship Sunday)

Monday, May 2: 9-12

Tuesday, May 3: 9-2 (God's Café)

Wednesday, May 4: 4-8 (CoH; Choir)

Thursday, May 5: 9-12

Sunday, May 8: 10-12

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