West Asheville Presbyterian Church
We now have hearing assistance devices in the Sanctuary

Worship Preview:  July 3, 2016:  The Rev Kent Smith will be preaching: "Jericho"


Joshua 6:1-5
Acts 13:46-52
1 John 4:18

Patriotic music

Coming up:
Three big events:
July 30 -- CoH Rummage Sale: 8-Noon in Fellowship Hall
July 31 -- All Church Picnic at Weaver Park
August 3 -- Vacation Bible School

See News and Events for information about upcoming 
events and pictures of past events.

Pastor Kent's schedule for June 26-July 3
Sunday, June 26: 10-12
Monday, June 27: 9-12
Tuesday, June 28: 9-12
Wednesday, June 29: 4-7 (CoH)
Thursday, June 30: 9-12
Sunday, July 3: 10-12

Pastor Kent will be serving on the Planning Team for Montreat Youth Conferences from July 6 and July 24 and then recuperating From July 25 and July 29.  During the youth conferences Pastor Kent cannot be reached except by email Kent@WestAshePres.org .  Responses may be delayed.

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